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Kinesio-Graphic Substitution


This process mirrors that of audio-graphic substitution except that it replaces geometric music fragments with a system involving geometric gestures, poses, and dance movements which are substituted into the canvas graphic.

Litera-Graphic Substitution

This process substitutes geometric texts, words, or prose into the canvas graphic. If pitch or melody is introduced this then becomes Audio-Litera-Graphic Substitution.

Kinesi-Audio-Graphic Substitution

A combination of both processes, kinesi-audio-graphic substitution involves music fragments, interpretive dance fragments and a single canvas graphic to create an aleatoric form of ballet.

Education, Study & Research

Nathanael believes there is scope for study and research using all aspects of graphic substitution (audio, litera & kinesio) in pre-school learning and play. Children are encouraged to create  independent or collaborative stamped graphics which are then realised/danced/enacted by their teachers or visiting musicians/performers. This unique method of displaying the visceral relationship between art, music and movement will provide innumerable benefits which are not readily available in current learning practices. More importantly it will guide children away from becoming re-creative artists and assist them in unlocking their natural potential as creative geniuses. Lastly, graphic substitution makes all artforms accessible to people of all ages regardless of ability, background or upbringing, enabling anyone who is able to stamp ink onto paper to create music, dance, or verse.

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